Report a Scam

Online scams exploit lives; let’s prevent that.

Online scams, regardless of their scale, have the potential to inflict significant harm on individuals’ lives. These fraudulent schemes not only strip them of their diligently earned funds but also expose them to the risk of compromising their reputation.

Not everyone possesses the same level of expertise in distinguishing scams from legitimate offers. This underscores the importance of encouraging users to report any encountered scams.

By doing so, we can proactively shield others from becoming victims of these deceitful tactics. Even if one personally hasn’t fallen prey to such scams, others might, and the resulting impact can be substantial.

Byte-Size Onion prioritizes user security while navigating the internet and its vast space. This commitment fuels our stance against online scams, as we strive to prevent anyone from becoming a victim.

Report a scam via:

To aid in this effort, we have assembled a compilation of authentic channels associated with governmental bodies. These resources enable users to effectively report instances of scams and fraudulent activities.

Report International Scams

  • (Link)
  • Federal Trade Commission (Link)
  • Internet Crime Complaint Center (Link)
  • (Link)

Report Scams By Countries

  • Australia: ScamWatch (Link), (Link)
  • Austria: Europol (Link)
  • Belgium: Report (Link), Police (Link)
  • Brunei: Cyber Security Brunei (Link)
  • Bulgaria: Report via Police & Prosecutors (Link)
  • Canada: Report Cybercrime (Link), Anti-Fraud Centre (Link)
  • China: Trade Commissioner (Link)
  • Denmark: Politi (Link)
  • Estonia: Estonian Police (Link)
  • France: Cyber Malveillance (Link)
  • Georgia: Report Fraud (Link)
  • Germany: Polizei (Link)
  • Greece: Astynomia (Link)
  • Guinea: Report Fraud (Link)
  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong Police Force (Link)
  • Hungary: Police Website (Link)
  • India: Cyber Crime Unit (Link)
  • Ireland: Ireland’s National Police (Link)
  • Israel: Report Fraud (Link), Cyber Directorate (Link)
  • Italy: Commissariato di P.S (Link)
  • Japan: Anti-Fraud Organization (Link)
  • Kazakhstan: File a complaint (Link)
  • Kenya: Anti Counterfeit Authority (Link)
  • Latvia: Report Cybercrime (Link), Spam Email (Link)
  • Lebanon: ADRA Lebanon (Link)
  • Luxembourg: Police Letzebuerg (Link)
  • Macao: Judiciary Police Anti-Scam Hotline (Link)
  • Malaysia: Make a Complaint (Link)
  • Nepal: Nepal Police (Link)
  • Netherlands: Fraud Help Desk (Link)
  • New Zealand: Police 105 (Link)
  • Nigeria: Police Special Fraud Unit (Link), ScamWatch (Link)
  • Norway: Politiet Report a Crime (Link), NHRF (Link)
  • Poland: Policia (Link)
  • Puerto Rico: PRDOH Hotline (Link)
  • Romania: Politia Romana (Link)
  • Singapore: Report a Scam Form (Link), Police Force (Link)
  • Spain: Policia (Link), Guardia Civil (Link)
  • Sweden: Polisen (Link)
  • United Arab Emirates: eCrime (Link)
  • United Kingdom: ActionFraud (Link)
  • United States of America: Where to Report (Link), FBI Tip Form (Link), All Web Sites (Link)

Kindly provide the authorities with all significant information about the specific scam. This contribution will assist them in halting fraudulent activities and safeguarding individuals from falling victim to such schemes.