Content Removal

Our research includes innovative methods to identify new scams, utilizing domain age and connections between similar LTDs and locations. User reviews play a key role; we inquire if they encountered scam products or labeled certain entities as scams.

Numerous factors contribute to our process of determining scams, and we proceed with publication only upon assured conclusions.

If you believe your legitimate brand was wrongly flagged as a scam, please visit our Contact section. Use the “Content Removal” subject line, explaining the misunderstanding and why the claim is false.

Our platform openly accommodates such claims. Following a meticulous evaluation of your assertion, we will promptly remove the content if the claims are substantiated with accuracy.

We strive to prevent legitimate brands from suffering false claims. However, if your business has engaged in dubious practices that harm or exploit users, we will not entertain requests for content removal of such nature.


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